Poetry collection: In February

In February, Larissa Reid, cover

“Poetry to shake senses awake with the splash of language.”

Kenny Taylor, editor Northwords Now

Last February, 2018,  I challenged myself to write a poem every day for a month. Starting on February 1st, and taking writer Robert Macfarlane’s ‘words of the day’ on Twitter as inspiration, I began to write poems, many fuelled by my love and need for the natural world, particularly at times of crisis. The result is my first small collection of poetry, In February.

I have decided to donate all profits from the sale of this book to the British Thyroid Foundation http://www.btf-thyroid.org/ in support of the valuable work that they do across the UK.

If you would like to buy a copy of the book, priced £5.99 (plus £1 P&P), please click on the link below. Copies will be posted after the book launch on January 30th 2019.

Some of my other poems are posted on this blog – do take a look!

Thank you!

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