Sharks of the Caribbean

Watson and the Shark by the American painter John Singleton Copley
Watching Mark get fed to the sharks
Was a predictably unenlivening experience
“Honestly!” he shouted, firmly clamped
In the jaws of a great white
“It’s a great idea for a prompt!”
We waited until he had fully
Disappeared down the maw
Of the beast
Then looked to more fruitful ideas
Or tried to
But our minds kept returning
To that scarred and grizzled head
The empty black eyes
The gums rolling back
And those terrifying teeth
“Come back Mark!”
We shouted
But it was too late
Sadly we went back
To our gollums
Our plums
Our whisky tasting notes
And our tales for children
While Mark
Safely held in that oil drum tum
Penned lines of corrupt folk figures
Whimsical visits to Mars
And misjudged drug trips
As the shark swam away
Bitter imprecations and hollow laughter
Floated over the waves.
Then we went home.

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