Twisted Colon

Sounds painful
What is that exactly?
What did the doctors say?
Twisted colon?
Seriously,  what the fuck even is that?
I seen this model once
This torso like
All opened up and everything’s arranged in there
No room
No room at the inn
No room for anything like
And you’ve got all this stuff passing through
Broken down
And passed on through into the next organ
Processed further
Split and reintegrated
By these little factories and foundries you’ve got going on
Wrapped around one another
Pulsing gently
Writhing sympathetically


Something gets held up
Or rushed through
Causing a blockage
Exerting pressure unexpectedly
Something twists
And then buckles
An explosion of matter X
Into void Y
Between organs z and theta
Where it doesn’t belong
Where nothing belongs

Symptoms are: discomfort, pain, nausea and more pain
Diagnosis: an operation, quickly please
Prognosis: good, to be paid for later

So, that’s you
You look rough by the way
Not being funny

I’ll see myself out

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