Sharks of the Caribbean

Watching Mark get fed to the sharks Was a predictably unenlivening experience
“Honestly!” he shouted, firmly clamped
In the jaws of a great white
“It’s a great idea for a prompt!”

Father’s Day

I spent the day building the girls a tree house With a neighbour who is much more that way minded … More

Perspective (intro)

Arriving in Venice one morning in late April 1936, Maurits Cornelis Escher stepped onto the dockside and walked briskly to the University of Architecture, which turned out to be a rather disappointing red brick building near the railway station.

Winterfold (alternative perspective) 

Three figures emerge
Following the course of a stream
Hemmed by banks of winter grass
Over beds of acid green moss
And the cooling sparks of tiny flowers


Cycling to work is like riding a bike Bit awkward at first but you soon get the knack Once up … More