Plums are the sexiest fruit

Not as vulgar as the banana

Nor as coarse as the aubergine

Plums are the sexiest fruit

Some people find mangos sexy

Personally I think they’re too messy

While loving their sweetness

Lemons are sour, and yet…

Cherries are very sexy

With all kinds of connotations

(Cherry lips, popping one’s cherry Though there was that guy who ended up in hospital after grinding up the stones to find out what they tasted of.

Turns out they tasted of cyanide)

The forbidden fruit, whatever that was

And why do Italians call tomatoes ‘love apples’?

Tomatoes are not sexy at all

And nor are apples

Pears are better

They require a certain delicacy

Which can be sexy

But give in too easily

Which isn’t

Grapes? Sure, if one has someone to peel them

Apricots? Fuzzy

Peaches? Too furry

Pineapples?! No

Plums are the sexiest fruit

Firm yet forgiving

They can be the colour of desire

Or lust


They look like bums!

Awsumz πŸ™‚

Before you bite

You have to pucker up

And kiss

That smooth, perfect skin

And when you bite

Juices flow

Flesh yields

Excuse me

Plums are the sexiest fruit

They just are




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