The No Snow Blues

Well I woke up this morning
My head was full of snow
Been dreamin’ of winter wonderlands
And now I gotta go

I gotta head to where the white is
I got the no snow blues
‘Cause the world is getting warmer
And there’s mud on my shoes 

When I looked outta my window
The trees all turned away
The branches bare, no snow to see
So babe that’s me away

I gotta go to where the white is
I got those no good no snow blues
And believe me when I tell you
I’m done paid all my dues

‘Cause we made no snowmen last year
And none two years ago
We haven’t had a snowball fight 
Since I don’t even know

Well I’m heading where the white is
I’ve got these no snow blues
Listen to me baby
Gonna tell you the news

The snowline’s getting higher
The frostline’s moving too
No grittin’ the streets ‘gainst ice and sleet
So I don’t know about you

Let me take you where the white is
Let’s fix the no snow blues
I’m a rocket scientist baby
Just ’bout ready to cruise  

There’s moons and planets out there 
A hundred degrees below
That hydrogen peroxide
Makes some sweet sweet snow

And I’m going where the white is
Gonna cure all my blues
My buddy here from NASA
They’re gonna come along too

There’s lakes of frozen methane
We can skate til it gets dark
Got some polar bears and penguins
Gonna join me on my ark

And we’re going where the white is
Gonna lose all our blues
Done our trainin’ there in Houston
Next we’re getting tattoos

Countdown starts at midnight
Tomorrow we’ll be stars
We’ll be swingin’ around the Sun
Then out past Jupiter and Mars

We’ll be out there where the white is
Got no need for no blues
We’re lightin’ out for Titan
Check those five star reviews

We’re going where the white is
Soon stop singin’ the blues

Now talk to me darlin’
With your voice so strong and warm
And hold me tight in the endless night
Of this godforsaken storm

‘Cause we’re out here where the white is
Got a new set of blues
I can’t feel my fingers
Mais oui, je m’accuse

I’m sorry ’bout this darlin
It ain’t like I thought it’d be
There ain’t no snow, no way hell no
Just a lotta chemistry

‘Cause we’re out here where the white is
Got the frostbitten blues
And from the permafrozen passengers
All I hear is atchoos

There ain’t no going back now
We’re past the tipping point
Not even allowed to hope somehow
I’m so sorry to disappoint 

We’re stuck here where the white is
Got those cold cold blues
At least we built a snowman
Or was that one of yous?  

So sing it to me baby
Remind me how it was
When the days were hot, the nights were not
And we never cared because

The world was where the white was
White in spite of the blues
Carbon from the foundries
Methane from the coos

We used to ride the seasons
From cold to fresh to hot
To dry and sharp, the wind a harp
That played while we forgot

There’s no love lost where the white is
And no romance in the blues
We ain’t never going back there
And no words can excuse

Unless this be a fever?
A burn to kill the disease
A dream of fire to take us higher
Above the rising seas

Overcome our sense of why ’tis
We’ve been landed with these blues 
No sense of shame, no concept
Wherefore and whence, nor who’s

Got the skill to get us out of here
A plan to finnagle our fate
And words to inspire the changes required
So in fact it’s not too late

To get us back to where the white is
Once we’re done with these blues
Have us fishing crystal waters
In our naugahyde canoes

When we get to where the white is
We’ll stop singin’ the blues

Sing it with me baby

Sing those no snow blues

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