A Fair COP

There are more planes sub mare
Than submarines
More golf balls on the moon
Than mea culpas in museums
We’ve lost half of all species since I was a kid
And two thirds of birds now are chickens

There may be some new ones, living in caves
But I don’t think that I’ll ever see them

God dropped an ark on a mountaintop somewhere
There’s a seedbank already defrosting
There are rainbows of promises forgotten or broken
There’s a call for a constitution

Ozone and oil slicks, pesticides, sulphur
Lead in petrol and sugar in cereals
Tick, cross, cross, tick,
Tick; no chance
Put a tiger in your tank; we did
The world is an oyster, fleshy and poisoned
Captain Kirk is a boy on the seashore

Yesterday is playing on Netflix
And my kids are starting to ask questions

But I’d like to think we might see our way clear
To possibly considering the steps we should take
If it’s not too much trouble

For the cave-dwellers’ sake

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